Mission Statement:

The Sixth River Trust is set up to raise awareness, develop scholarship and to celebrate the Arts & Culture of the Panjab* in global context.

The Trust is also committed to promote the work and legacy of Avtarjeet S. Dhanjal - artist, writer and thinker; who is the initiator and first donor of the Trust.


Aims & Objectives:

§   To research, document, raise awareness and develop scholarship.

§   To celebrate the Arts, Literature and other creative pursuits/disciplines.

§   To do this within wider cultural sphere, but focusing on the Panjab* in particular and placing it in global perspective.

*Panjab (also spelled as Punjab), it is the cultural unit located in the North-West of the Indian subcontinent historically known as the Panjab (Punjab), irrespective of political or religious divisions, and of its Diaspora settled abroad and their further generations.



§   Facilitating education, research & scholarship.

§   Organizing discussions, seminars, publications, exhibitions, and developing online information portal/s and other means available over the time.

§   Above activities may be organized independently or in cooperation/ collaboration and/or in partnership with other individuals, bodies & institutions,
or by just providing seed funding for such projects.

§   Developing links and exchanges with creative individuals and organisations pursuing common aims and objectives.

§   Raising funds from public/private bodies, institutions, companies, individuals and others, to achieve the above objectives.


The Sixth River Trust (UK)
‘The Sixth River’ is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee Company No. 10333445